Retirement in College Towns

July 7, 2020

It’s the twilight of your life, but you are ready to live it to the fullest. Why not retire in a place that brings you back to your youth? College towns are abounding with amenities for retirees, including top-notch healthcare, good public transportation, and many free or low-cost things to do. And college towns afford you a quality life at an affordable cost. Here's a look at some perks of retiring in a college town:

Free classes. College isn't necessarily expensive when you attend as a retiree. There are many colleges and universities that allow older adults to audit classes for free. For example, under Louisiana state law, all public colleges and universities must provide free tuition to students age 55 and older. In addition, these students get 50% off the price of books and other classroom materials at official campus bookstores. A Senior Citizen Guide For College

Good hospitals. Many colleges have affiliated teaching hospitals or clinics that provide medical services to the community that you would otherwise have to travel to a large city to get access to. "The large schools often, particularly if they teach medicine, have a really good hospital with a lot of specializations," says John Howells, author of Where to Retire: America's Best & Most Affordable Places. These hospitals may provide cutting-edge medication and treatments and allow you to enroll in clinical trials. Louisiana Teaching Hospitals

Speakers and concerts. College towns often attract world-class performers, speakers, artists and musicians. In some cases, alumni and other members of the community can also get access to the library, lectures, plays, and performances for free or at a nominal cost. 

Sports. If you are a sports fan of any kind, you are likely to be able to find a game or match to watch in a college town. Discounted tickets are often available for senior citizens. 

Affordable cost-of-living. Many restaurants and local businesses cater to people living on a college student budget by offering affordable services. Also, many college towns offer bargain real estate prices compared to similar towns elsewhere. Since approximately 20 percent of the population comprises students on limited budgets and another large percent is working as beginning teachers or support staff, housing prices aren’t likely to be bid up past consumers' ability to pay. 

Scenic beauty. Colleges are often built in picturesque settings, and they sometimes go to great lengths to keep the campus and surrounding community looking beautiful. One thing that cannot be denied is the splendid beauty of Louisiana! The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Louisiana

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