Success Stories

Success Stories

I had been a licensed Realtor for a year before joining the brokerage at Bayou Region Home Team.  Prior to working at Bayou Region Home Team I worked for another company where I genuinely believed I was thriving and ultimately successful.  It wasn't until speaking with Kelli Guidry, Broker at Bayou Region Home Team, that I realized there was a huge void in my business and that the small successes and deals here and there were nothing compared to my full potential.  It wasn't until joining Bayou Region Home Team that I finally had the tools, knowledge, and mentorship to really be successful.  Bayou Region Home Team has not only given me the support and mentorship that I was lacking, but it has also given me a network of like minded agents that genuinely care about one another and our success as a whole.  Since joining this company, I now have direction and an intentional path to reach my goals and ultimately help as many clients as possible.  I am so happy I made the change to Bayou Region Home Team and am excited to see what the future holds. 

Will Williams

Just wanted to take a minute to thank Kelli and the Bayou Region Home Team for allowing me to be a part of this amazing family. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me here. Such an amazing group of people with much knowledge to share. Always here to help with anything we have questions with and ALWAYS a very motivated and upbeat team....Bayou Region Home Team...ROCKS!!!

Teresa Beck

My journey began when I became the admin for Bayou Region Home Team.  With an eye toward goal setting, uplifting and motivating Bayou Region Home Team lead by Kelli Guidry, encouraged me to become the person I was meant to be.  This includes emotionally supporting me and answering all questions I had when I decided to pursue my real estate license.  I am beyond proud to work with such a great team of agents ready to mastermind and help in anyway they can!  Bayou Region Home Team has helped to grow me into the person I am today and I will forever be grateful!  I love my Bayou Region Family and look forward to many successes together!  

Kaitlyn Casey

As a realtor with Bayou Region Home Team the greatest benefit is not only the amazing clients I get to work with, but also the amazing women who I get  to call my co-workers. They have taken me, a new agent, under their wings and help to mold and guide me into the best realtor that I strive to be daily. Not only are they able to answer any and all questions I come across but they help to push me to keep reaching and attaining the goals I set forth forth for myself. Working as a team has been a huge help in building my successful business in today’s market.

Angelle Gregoire

As a Real Estate Agent of Bayou Region Home Team, the greatest benefits for me is being surrounded by an amazing team of Top Producing Agents and seeing firsthand the work it takes to succeed in this business. This has been my most rewarding time in this roller coaster Real Estate career and I couldn't have chosen a better broker to join in this adventure!  It feels amazing to work in such a positive environment where everyone’s opinion matters.

Spring Gros

"My success story begins and ends within myself. Being a realtor is not for the faint of heart. I can easily say that all is fair in love, war, and real estate. I was fully aware of the obstacles that I faced when I began my real estate career. There are joyous days and, unfortunately, there are dreadful ones. No matter the weather, a realtor has to make the best of every day, finding harmony and peace for the sake of the client. The root of my happiness is simple – never allow the tough days to cast over the triumphant ones. Our Bayou Region Home Team leader, Kelli Guidry, has taught me to always hold my head high, all while keeping my integrity through the duration of every situation. She instilled the importance of being genuine with myself, while remembering to have my client’s best interests at heart. Honesty is always the best policy and patience is a virtue when following your dreams. At the end of the day, I have done my job well. As I gain respect from my clients for my integrity and honesty, it’s easy to acknowledge that my success is connected to the happiness and trust that my clients and I share."

Wendy Underdonk

"Working with Bayou Region Home Team has brought me a great amount of comfort and ease. Starting my real estate career, I was extremely nervous and wasn't sure of what to expect. Each and every team member has helped me since day one. We have so many resources available for past, present, and future clients to ensure they have an outstanding real estate experience. While working on a team, each member can flourish their unique skills and thats what makes the company stronger."

Kirsten Henderson

“Prior to joining Bayou Region as a part time agent, I closed a little over a million in sales. After joining the company within the first 6 months I exceeded that production in 1 month. Everything that I need to be successful in this business is right at my fingertips & I’ve learned how to use those things in my day to day business to become a top producer within the team. I always get asked how do you go from nursing to real estate & the more I think about it makes me realize how similar they are. Being a nurse I’ve taken care of patients for 10 years to the very best of my ability & that pushes me to take care of my clients in real estate on the same level. From negotiations, inspections, & being at closing table I’m there to make sure my clients have the education & resources to make the best decisions during the process. Guiding my clients through the homebuying/selling process gives me the same fulfillment as taking care of patients. I absolutely love what I do!”

Tynisha George

“As I started my career in real estate I had the intentions to only do this for the money, but the families that I helped completely changed my mind. I started on my own like many other realtors, but I was having the hardest time. I was looking for a team base after a while. Somewhere I can feed off of energy and learn things I had not learned yet. Since being with the Bayou Region Home Team I have learned so much from everyone here. The team we have here are always here to help when I need them. I plan to continue to grow with this company and team of great people here at Bayou Region Home Team.”

Mercy Davis