Our Guarantee

We want to help you find your dream home.  We are so committed to helping you achieve your goals that we put it in writing.

  • Bayou Region Real Estate has the systems, resources, and processes in place to sell your home.  Have you been to a Chinese restaurant where one Chef cooks it one way, and one Chef cooks it another?  No!  Our Vision is for all agents and services to be the same at Bayou Region Real Estate. 
  • No single agent can be a great salesperson, great at marketing, and an efficient detail-oriented person.  We have a team approach so no detail is left unattended. 
  • We have a live agent on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week, so calls never get missed.
  • Average Joe Real Estate doesn't have $10k a month to market your home.  We are the only company that is responsible for all the marketing of your home.  We guarantee the most effective marketing over any other company.
  • You will never be stuck in a long-term contract - if you're not happy fire us! 
  • We have a no hassle listing agreement - if at anytime we don't do everything we say we will - fire us.
  • We have a love it or leave it guarantee; if, within the first three months, you don't love the house that we sell you, we will sell it for free.
  • We happily work with buyers - our services are completely free
  • All calls to our office are answered and handled immediately.
  • All email leads receive at least a courtesy response within 5 minute; a full response is received within 15 minutes.
  • Our agents don't have to spend any money on marketing for leads and business.
  • Our agents don't have to worry about the virtual tour, flyers and any of the marketing on clients home.

Our "no long-term contract" guarantee means that our clients may terminate a listing agreement or buyer-broker agreement at any time before that client enters into a binding contract.  If you have signed a listing agreement or buyer-broker agreement, and are not happy with your agent, we ask that you allow us to assign you to a different agent in our office.  If you are still unsatisfied then you may proceed with cancelling the agreement; however, this must be done in writing to the managing partner of the office.  The buyer-broker may be enforced if you have seen a house with one of our agents and later buy it.  To reach a managing partner please email:  info@bayouteam.com.  

Please make sure you get a written response back from the managing partner.  If not, please call 985-601-3136 to get in contact with the managing partner of Bayou Region Real Estate.  Once the client enters into a binding contract, the terms of the contract will govern whether and under what circumstances the client can terminate the contract.  For legal advice and interpretation of the termination provisions of a specific contract, please consult a licensed attorney.